Receive a talking to from Vivie The Wire today!

I'm not Vivie's friend

Hello there. I'm not Vivie's friend. I am her neighbor, but she is food for my children. I live on a hill right by her house. today, I was coming home from hunting and I saw her out for a walk with her person. The person picked her up, and I went on up the hill to my family, but it could have been different. I know she is there. I hear her and smell her when she is in her yard. I've been on the wall that surrounds the yard when she and her people are asleep. I walk the walls looking for food in yards where people aren't carful with cats and domestic dogs. I know Vivie's people are watching for me, so I won't get her. Today.

Hi, Vivie here, I know she is there. I bark and sniff the air and let my people know someone with an agenda is looking toward us. They hear me and we are careful. One of my people comes from shepherds and he knows all about these guys. She won't get me. Not today or tomorrow, not ever. This is part of life in the Sonoran Desert.

Susan JouflasComment